Unlock growth with the industry’s FIRST all-in-one loan and deposit account application experience

The award-winning Numerated customer experience is now available for opening business deposit accounts online. Access this 45-minute recording to learn why Numerated’s Digital Account Opening for Businesses is the fastest, easiest, and most flexible business account opening solution available to banks and credit unions, today:

Delight new customers and drive retail, self-service SMB and digital banking efficiencies.

  • Secure a loan or line of credit and open a new checking account in a single, streamlined experience
  • Instantly fund deposit accounts from external accounts via Plaid integration
  • Drive self-service relationship banking

*Note: This demo was originally recorded on June 28, 2022




“Numerated will allow us to decision a business loan and open a checking account in minutes, in the same customer session, without having to request duplicative information. This will dramatically reduce the friction involved in onboarding and welcoming new business customers to our bank.”

- Christy Schmitt, SVP Business Banking, Home Bank of California