Unlock growth with the industry’s FIRST all-in-one loan and deposit account application experience

Banks and credit unions are leveraging Numerated’s digital lending and digital account opening solutions to attract more business relationships, streamline disjointed lending processes and create scalable efficiencies.

  • Empower your business customers to close a loan and open a business account in minutes from any device, in-branch, or in the field.
  • Reduce risk of customer abandonment and streamline internal processing by pre-filling data from their initial application.
  • Automated opening and funding, with KYC/KYB red-lights for high-risk applicants
  • Full support for complex ownership structures and multiple user types

Access our demo recordings for a look at our latest Term Loan & Lines of Credit borrowing experience, as well as our latest Digital Account Opening solution, built to provide the most seamless experience for your business customers and lenders


“Numerated will allow us to decision a business loan and open a checking account in minutes, in the same customer session, without having to request duplicative information. This will dramatically reduce the friction involved in onboarding and welcoming new business customers to our bank.”

- Christy Schmitt, SVP Business Banking, Home Bank of California