Cheryl Kardos

Cheryl Kardos

Cheryl is the Vice President of Marketing at Numerated. She has more than a decade of experience at the intersection of technology, commerce, digital media, and marketing, building, consulting to, and advising innovative companies and startups. Cheryl graduated from Babson College with a degree in Management and Economics, and started her career as an analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. Before transitioning to Numerated, Cheryl worked as a Business Consultant in the financial services industry and the Vice President of Marketing at Nanigans. At Numerated, Cheryl leads the marketing team. In her time in this position Cheryl has built the foundation for the Numerated brand and continues to develop new and innovative marketing strategies to drive further growth for the organization.

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by Cheryl Kardos on August 04, 2021
Financial institutions like Banc of California are now benefitting from a single digital lending platform for unsecured and secured business lending...

Hancock Whitney Brings Paycheck Protection Program Funds to 12,000+ Gulf South Businesses with Digital Lending from FIS and Numerated

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Impending Paycheck Protection Program Forgiveness Terms & Timing Changes

by Cheryl Kardos on May 29, 2020

Monday, June 1st is a date that has been ingrained in every PPP lender’s minds the last several weeks. This is the date when the PPP loans that were...

Launch Automated CARES Act Lending in Days

by Cheryl Kardos on March 26, 2020

Congress is expected to soon pass the CARES Act legislation to support economic recovery during the coronavirus crisis. The $2 trillion stimulus...

5 Digital Lending Strategies Banks Are Mobilizing to Address the Coronavirus Crisis

by Cheryl Kardos on March 25, 2020

The tone and nature of our conversations here at Numerated with community and regional bank executives changed quickly and dramatically over the last...