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News Roundup: The New Competitive Landscape in August

by Emma Schoth on September 03, 2021

As lenders plan for the future, one concept that is top of mind across all financial institutions is digital transformation. The pandemic brought...

Measuring Return on Experience in Business Banking

by Emma Schoth on August 12, 2021

The pandemic forced lenders to quickly adopt technologies to provide an easy online experience for borrowers. As they return to normal, they've...

Numerated News Roundup: The PPP Transition

by Emma Schoth on July 23, 2021

With the Paycheck Protection Program closed and Forgiveness under way, financial institutions are looking for new opportunities for growth. For...

Numerated News Roundup: Digital Transformation in June

by Emma Schoth on June 29, 2021

Customer expectations have changed. As a result of COVID, lenders had to quickly deliver a virtual experience that matched the high-quality...

Bremer Bank Chief Strategy Officer to Join June 29 Webinar on Digital Lending Adoption

by Emma Schoth on June 25, 2021

The Pandemic accelerated the need for a digital-first banking experience that left many financial institutions rapidly searching for alternatives...