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June ‘22 News Roundup

by Emma Schoth on June 30, 2022

Each month, we curate a list of articles within the financial services industry to help lenders stay on top of key trends in digital transformation...

Build vs. Buy: Why Community Institutions are Choosing to Buy

by Emma Schoth on June 23, 2022

In today’s market, attracting and retaining new business customers can be a challenge for community institutions. In a survey and social listening...

Cornerstone Advisors: High Performing Banks Get Digital Account Opening Right

by Emma Schoth on June 13, 2022

One area of focus for many banks and credit unions today is increasing efficiency in account opening by using technology. The process of manually...

News Roundup: Digital Transformation in May

by Emma Schoth on June 01, 2022

In May, financial institutions continued to focus on digital transformation as they try to remain competitive in a lending environment transformed by...

April News Roundup: Digital Banking

by Emma Schoth on April 29, 2022

In April, lenders were focused on improving customer experience. As fintech competition continues to gain more market share, lenders are pushing back...