Lenders’ Rapid Response to PPP Sets Next Stage for Banking

by Sal Trifilio on February 11, 2021

On Sunday, the Small Business Administration released updated numbers on Paycheck Protection Program lending in 2021. As of Feb. 7, more than 1.3M...

CapStar Bank Saved 26K Local Jobs During PPP: Hear About Their Experience During Our Dec. 8 Webinar

by Sal Trifilio on December 07, 2020

Few banks have seen more success distributing Paycheck Protection Program loans to their communities than Tennessee-based CapStar Bank.

Lack of Action on Stimulus Puts More Pressure on Lenders for Next Wave of PPP

by Sal Trifilio on October 28, 2020

With the Senate adjourned until Nov. 9 it is now all but certain that a new round of stimulus will not be passed before the 2020 election.

Top Takeaways from Our Fireside Chat with First Horizon SVP Courtney Taylor on PPP Originations and Forgiveness

by Sal Trifilio on September 09, 2020

When it comes to business and commercial banking, few people know the lending process better than Courtney Taylor, First Horizon Bank’s SVP...

Senate Stimulus Bill Includes 2 New Loans, $290B in Small Business COVID Aid

by Sal Trifilio on July 28, 2020

The Paycheck Protection Program is once again in the news, after the SBA surprised many by releasing their updated Procedural Notice on...