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Your moment to expand borrower relationships

Forgiveness will come and go. Create a self-service application experience that can scale to become a digital channel for business banking products long after Forgiveness. 

Numerated moved rapidly to extend its digital lending technology to the Paycheck Protection Program. To date, more than 34,000 bank and credit union employees from 120+ financial institutions have used Numerated to distribute $50B in PPP relief funds to more than 400,000 small businesses and their 3M American workers. Learn why these institutions have chosen Numerated for forgiveness, too.



Partner With a Proven SBA & PPP Technology Platform on Forgiveness


One Platform for All PPP Loans

Streamline forgiveness for PPP loans originated on and off Numerated’s platform with a fully digital experience for borrowers


Self-Service & Banker-Led Journeys

Offer a fast and simple experience, including pre-filled forgiveness requests and digital doc uploading, routing & e-signing


Minimal Setup Required to Launch

Implement quickly by uploading an excel file of eligible loans, with existing PPP customers benefiting from application data on platform

EasternBank Square

Thanks to Numerated, our average man-hour time for booking a PPP loan from application through funding went from around 10 hours each, to about 1.5 hours for the whole process.

Kristen Buckles, Portfolio Manager