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Delight your business customers

Enable your business customers to open deposit accounts through an award-winning digital application experience.

  • Go digital now with a solution purpose-built for the complexities of business account opening, including beneficial ownership and signing authorities
  • Save hours on account opening reviews through our natively-integrated KYC and KYB capabilities
  • Give businesses the ability to apply for a loan and open an account within the same workflow
  • Seamlessly fund from external accounts via Plaid

Self-Service & Banker-Led Digital Account Opening

Launch Quickly

Go digital now with a solution purpose-built for the complexities of business account opening

Win Relationships

94% of businesses "highly satisfied" with their bank after completing our application

Remove Friction

Speed processing with fully digital workflows, doc collection, and e-signing


“Numerated will allow us to decision a business loan and open a checking account in minutes, in the same customer session, without having to request duplicative information. This will dramatically reduce the friction involved in onboarding and welcoming new business customers to our bank.”

- Christy Schmitt, SVP Business Banking


Meet business account opening needs anywhere, anytime with a self-service channel


Increase application completion rates with a pre-filled, guided digital experience




Automatically transfer the initial funding for a new deposit account from an external bank account using Plaid.


Capture both owner and authorized signer information for better KYC/KYB


Create digital doc packages to simplify
e-signing and countersigning

Built for business account opening



An award-winning digital application experience. Seamlessly guide borrowers to open a deposit account as part of a loan application



A secure document upload portal. Capture ID verification and business formation document details