Accurately spread business financials in under 5 minutesSpreading-Platform_Browser_Retina

Traditional spreading involves manually copying data from financial statements and tax returns into legacy systems or spreadsheets for analysis.

Access our demo recording to see how our Spreading and Financial Analysis solutions can help your financial institution:

  • Automatically extract and standardize data from any financial statement or tax return in minutes
  • Quickly spread and analyze complex financials with 100% accuracy using a combination of AI and UI controls
  • Easily interact with data to build underwriting confidence, including modeling pro-forma debt and one-click access to source documents for auditability
  • Configure and administer spreading templates to ensure underwriting consistency across lenders


choice one bank

"We now have a spreading automation tool to finally unlock the true potential of our processes and people… We have far more ability to automate low-value data entry, allowing our team more time to perform credit analysis on those that require it, and less time on those that don’t."

-Josh Hucul, VP, Credit Manager, ChoiceOne Bank