Numerated is a business lending solution purpose-built by former bankers. Watch this on-demand recording to hear from Numerators on how their banking careers shaped our product roadmap by solving issues like:

  • Living in Spreadsheets: discussion led by Max Blumenthal about the challenges with spreading and financial analysis that lead his team to build Fincura, and the solutions it provides at Numerated today.
  • There’s Only One of Me: discussion led by Meghan Parnell on how business lending is difficult, tedious, and leaves little room to train other bankers without sacrificing success.
  • Business Owners Don’t Work Banker Hours: discussion led by Michael Desimone on how business lending was time consuming and unprofitable before a solution like Numerated that provided automation and a more positive experience for the borrowers and the back office.
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*Note: This webinar was originally recorded on March 2, 2023. 


“Numerated will allow us to decision a business loan and open a checking account in minutes, in the same customer session, without having to request duplicative information. This will dramatically reduce the friction involved in onboarding and welcoming new business customers to our bank.”

- Christy Schmitt, SVP Business Banking, Home Bank of California