Effortless, flexible & 100% accurate spreading and financial analysis

Generate 100% accurate spreads in less than 5 minutes with Numerated’s spreading automation and financial analysis solution. Upload any document, in any format, and spread to your own templates. 

Built by lenders, Numerated’s financial spreading and analysis solution instantly calculates ratios, metrics, cash flow, debt service coverage, and more so you can get to doing what you do best: building relationships with your customers.





Analyze with complete visibility

The challenges of financial spreading go far beyond the time it takes to type numbers into a database. Spreading by hand is error prone and lacks visibility into the customer’s financials. 

Digitize your entire spreading process with Numerated. Trace every number to the spot on the source document, footnote, or schedule. View and adjust spreading categorizations in one click. Save over 80% of the time it takes you to spread. Save again every time you look at the numbers.


Do more with your spreads

Automatically extract and normalize data from any financial statement or tax return in a matter of minutes
Easily interact with data to build underwriting confidence, including modeling pro-forma debt and one-click access to source documents for auditability



Quickly spread and analyze complex financials using a combination of AI and lender controls
Configure and administer spreading templates to ensure underwriting consistency across lenders
choice one bank

"We now have a spreading automation tool to finally unlock the true potential of our processes and people… We have far more ability to automate low-value data entry, allowing our team more time to perform credit analysis on those that require it, and less time on those that don’t."

- Josh Hucul, VP, Credit Manager, ChoiceOne Bank

Financial Spreading & Analysis Made Easy

Maximize lending efficiency

Reduce the time it takes to spread and analyze a business’ financials from hours down to minutes

Accelerate the underwriting process

Enhanced underwriting capabilities for business loans that require deep financial analysis

Build financial data assets

Create a spreading database that captures past spreads and data models for future spreading reference

The Future of Financial Spreading, Here Today

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