Seacoast Bank is Numerated’s Newest Customer

Posted by Kaileigh Higgins on July 09, 2018
Kaileigh Higgins
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As Numerated continues to grow, we are excited to work and partner with banks that have a focus on growth and digital transformation. Our newest customer, Seacoast Bank, is a tremendous example of such an institution. Seacoast is a leading digital bank and one the strongest digital marketing banks in the country. It also happens to be one of the best business banks in Florida. With $6 billion in assets and annual loan growth of nearly 40 percent, its performance shows the power of technology to create both organic growth and the efficiencies required to drive acquisitions.
Numerated’s platform will be one of Seacoast’s most important points of origination for business loans. Florida businesses will be able to apply for a loan or line-of-credit in minutes, get an instant decision, and have their account funded immediately if approved.
“Lending is undergoing a transformation and business owners expect their bank to meet their financial needs at the speed required to fit into their busy lives,”said Julie Kleffel, Executive Vice President and Community Banking Executive, Seacoast Bank. “Numerated’s platform allows us to create a borrowing experience that attracts customers while maintaining our credit standards. And, the increased underwriting efficiency from the platform increases the return for the bank as well.”
By partnering with Numerated, Seacoast Bank now has the opportunity to better serve its business community and continue its balanced approach to growth. We are proud to have earned its business and look forward to transforming business loans with Seacoast, as well as additional products in the future.


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