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"Technology has the power to help business owners transform how they access the capital they need when they need it. The innovation Numerated brings to its partnerships with banks positions lenders to help businesses maximize their opportunities." 

Karen Mills, Former Head of the SBA and Numerated Advisor

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Boost Conversion With Completely Automated Processes

Before: Appointment back and forths, unending paperwork, borrower follow-ups, and more can quickly turn an application into a 10+ day process─if everything goes smoothly.

Now: Goodbye to tedious, error-prone manual processes. With Numerated's SBA 7(a) solution, the entire loan process is automated from beginning to end─reducing application and underwriting time by 75%.


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Interested in SBA 7(a) Express Lending?

Numerated provides the leading digital lending solution for SBA 7(a) Express, and the fastest time to value for lenders looking to take advantage of the increased guarantee window.

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How SBA 7(a) Works with Numerated


1. Dynamic application guides borrowers, pre-filling forms with data from your core and Secretary of State.

2. We flag any errors or omissions and prompt the borrower for clarification.

3. Our software auto-generates all required SBA forms, including Form 1919 and 1920.

4. We submit all required information to the SBA on your behalf and provide SBA responses on the platform.

5. Borrowers get real-time updates in our user-friendly interface and can e-sign loan documents when ready.

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Eliminate Human Error and Inefficiencies

  • Eliminate appointment scheduling and reminders
  • Eliminate miscommunication among loan officers, borrowers, and the SBA
  • Eliminate borrower follow-ups
  • Eliminate errors and omissions
  • Eliminate unnecessary paperwork

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Reduce Time to
Loan Approval

Save dozens of hours per loan with our automated platform:

  • Self-service borrower platform for easy, 24/7 access.
  • Auto-generate all required SBA forms, including Form 1919 and Form 1920.
  • Tracks progress and provides real-time updates.

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Remove Barriers to Entry
for Your Borrowers

The average time to complete an SBA 7(a) loan is 2-3 months. This can be a daunting task for busy business owners, often leading to delays in the loan process. 

With Numerated, borrowers can easily and quickly complete the form independently, without needing assistance from a loan officer. This saves time and reduces the barrier to entry for borrowers who may be intimidated by the forms. 

Everything You Need to Grow Your SBA 7(a) Lending

  • Improve your CRA rating.
  • Scale your small business support without increasing overhead.
  • Compete with lenders willing to lend to more risky businesses.
  • Attract new customers and deepen relationships with existing ones.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to small business lending.
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