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    Where does your bank stand in terms of market share and growth in business lending?

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    Ebook: The Real-Time Lending Business Opportunity

    The power of real-time lending to avert the competition, generate bank profitability, and win customers


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    Presentation: Acquire or Be Acquired Workshop Slides

    How relationship banks are unleashing growth with real-time lending.


    White Paper: 2016 Celent Model Bank of the Year

    Numerated was initially born out of Eastern Bank's tech incubator, and won the bank the Celent Model Bank Award


    what's next in fintech and lending

    Webinar: What's Next in Fintech and Lending?

    Banks have the competitive edge over alt-lenders and other lending sources.


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    Case Study: Eastern Bank Grows SBL 4X with Numerated

    How Numerated propelled Eastern to #1 in small business lending in the competitive Boston market


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