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Numerated arms bankers with modern business development tools and digital customer experiences to attract and grow relationships. The foundation of the platform is a continuous harnessing of rich data from inside and outside of the bank to reengineer lending for the digital age.

Business Loans • Business LOCs • Combination Loan/LOCs • SBA Loans • Business Overdraft • Business Credit Cards • Working Lines of Capital • Owner-Occupied CRE • Equipment Loans • Additional Bank Products in Development

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Modern Sales Tools for Bankers

A competitive advantage for unlocking relationship growth
  Understand the credit products a business is pre-qualified for, before engaging them 
  Search for eligible businesses and create prospect lists by industry, location, product adoption, competitors, and more
  Generate inbound demand for credit products with email marketing automation and personalized landing pages
  Discover relationship expansion opportunities in core data to inform consultative conversations with customers
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Real-Time Customer Experiences

Digital borrowing experiences that make banks easy to choose
  Dramatically reduce the work required by borrowers by leveraging data science to pre-populate applications
  Offer real-time borrowing experiences that take businesses from application start to funded in as few as 3 minutes
  Provide on-demand access across devices, and omnichannel choice and consistency across bank channels
  Win customers and loyalty with borrowing experiences that achieve Net Promoter Scores as high as 95
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Credit Decisioning Automation

Underwriting automation that puts banks in control of their credit destiny
  Configure multiple credit products with a rules- and segment-based approach across 100+ parameters and 5 credit scores  
  Underwrite in advance to pre-qualify every business in a bank's footprint for different credit products
  Apply varying degrees of decisioning automation, from fully-automated real-time origination to banker-led real-time term sheets
  Gain conviction on the data required for real-time lending, with rich data integrations, including the core, and AI-driven data validation

One Platform, Many Products

Leveraged across business and retail banker teams, Numerated augments existing bank systems and integrates with the core. 
Numerated digitizes business loans and lines-of-credit up to $1M, SBA loans, business overdraft protection, business credit cards, working lines of capital, owner-occupied CRE, equipment loans and soon more business and retail products.


Implement & Scale Quickly

Ease implementations with the experience of being developed inside a bank, and scale with Customer Success resources that offer benchmarking, program development and strategy.
For banks with FIS cores, benefit from a strategic partnership that offers real-time funding and accelerated speed-to-market.

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