Tens of thousands of businesses have applied for credit through Numerated's platform at forward-thinking banks that rely on the platform as a strategic engine of growth.

Numerated offers banks powerful capabilities for:

Credit policy digitization
Real-time lending
Growth automation

Credit Policy Digitization

Automate credit policy execution with robust features for configurability and control


Dynamic Decisioning

Digitize and customize credit decisioning and execution to mirror bank lending policies


Advanced Analytics

Assess eligibility in advance of an application, including across industry, business health, revenue and exposure


Segment Based Pricing

Offer personalized rates and terms based on rules-based, risk-based and segment-based configurable criteria


Intelligent Routing

Control and customize application routing by applicant segment, from instant decision to manual underwriting review

Real-Time Lending

Open new sales channels with actionable marketing offers for the fastest, most convenient way for businesses to secure financing


Instant & Secure Funding

Offer businesses the fastest and most secure way to access financing in the U.S. - in less than 5 minutes


On-Demand Access

Provide businesses the ability to apply and secure funding on their terms - anywhere and anytime


Simple Application

Offer a 5-question, 100% bank-branded application, enabled by rich data integrations and advanced eligibility screening


Desktop & Mobile Friendly

Provide application accessibility on any device, including desktop, mobile and tablet

Growth Automation

Attract new customers, grow the portfolio, and cross-sell products with banker-integrated marketing and sales tools


Prospect Identification

Identify new businesses and assess their credit level eligibility before making contact


Automated Campaigns

Attract customers with automated email marketing featuring actionable offers to secure financing


Digital & Direct Marketing

Attract and retain customers with proven positioning, send frequencies, and templates


Loan Sales Tools

Drive loan sales with banker tools to convert loans in-branch, over the phone, online, and in the community


Customer Success

Ease implementation with the experience of being built inside a bank: 

Dedicated client services and on-boarding
Market-tested configuration tools
Audit, regulatory and compliance guidance
Proven marketing templates and playbooks
Ongoing post-launch account and technical support

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