Amerant Bank Head of Product and Channels to join Oct. 12 Webinar on Making Small Business Lending a Reality with Numerated

Casey Widholm

Casey Widholm

October 04, 2021


While the pandemic has disrupted every industry, it has created a particularly urgent need for banks and credit unions to embrace digital channels to meet their clients needs and remain competitive in today’s markets. When Amerant Bank looked at their digital transformation goals, they knew they needed a technology partner to help them differentiate and make an impact in the small business lending market. They chose to partner with Numerated to achieve those goals.

“We’re advancing our business banking capabilities with Numerated’s digital lending technology,” Amerant Bank CEO Jerry Plush said. “Their platform allows us to provide businesses a fully-automated lending process for loans, making the digital borrowing experience easier and fueling segment growth. We are pleased to partner with Numerated and deliver our customers a best-in-class solution for their business needs.”

Amerant is a $7.7 billion bank holding company headquartered in Coral Gables, Florida since 1979. The Bank, which has operated for over 40 years, is the second largest community bank headquartered in Florida. The Bank operates 25 banking centers – 18 in South Florida and seven in the Houston, Texas area.

Through their partnership with Numerated, Amerant was able to reach their goal of expanding their small business lending portfolio in their communities in a short period of time. With the right teams in place at both institutions, the implementation of Numerated’s platform was quick and smooth, putting Amerant in a position to better serve their clients. 

“[Numerated’s]Their platform allows us to speed our time-to-value in offering businesses a convenient digital borrowing experience to fuel segment growth. We are pleased to partner with Numerated and provide our customers with a best-in-class solution for their business needs,” Ian said.

To learn more about Amerant’s strategy to expand their digital footprint, Ian Schweid SVP, Head of Products and Channels at Amerant Bank, will be joining us for our Insights Session on Tuesday, Oct. 12. Ian will discuss a number of topics including:

  • Making the strategic decision to use technology for the small business segment 
  • Speeding time-to-value with Numerated's new implementations process
  • Configuring technology to meet their bank's unique risk profile
  • Starting tech projects now to curb competition
  • Planning Amerant’s roadmap for future partnership opportunities with Numerated

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