Bank Director Webinar: What's Next in Fintech & Lending?

Bill Rodriguez

Bill Rodriguez

November 19, 2018

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A new wave of fintech has emerged, catering exclusively to banks—instead of competing with them. Successful fintech partnerships are now helping banks unlock the growth necessary to out-compete the largest national financial institutions in their markets.

This is notably true in business lending. Join Numerated CEO Dan O'Malley and Bank Director Editor-in-Chief Jack Milligan for a free webinar on Tuesday, Dec. 11 at 2:00 EST titled, "What's Next in Fintech & Lending?" They'll be sharing real-life stories on successful fintech partnerships that:

  • Drive meaningful loan and deposit growth

  • Pre-screen businesses for eligibility and targeted marketing

  • Empower bankers and branches to sell loans

  • Out-compete national and alternative lenders

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