Driving Economic Inclusion At This Year’s FDIC Fintech Conference

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June 15, 2021


For better or worse, 2020 was a year of progress for fintech, with the industry’s surge in innovation providing new opportunities for financial accessibility and empowerment to those in and outside of the sector. 

But with this growth in mind, it’s important to look closely at the end-consumer — who actually has access to these financial tools and resources, and are all groups benefiting equally? This theme of financial equity and accessibility is particularly important when reflecting on the events of the last past year, where small and often minority-owned businesses were hit especially hard by the pandemic and resulting shutdowns. 

On Tuesday, June 29, leaders in the banking, fintech, and economic spaces will gather to discuss these key issues, along with fintech’s role in providing potential solutions at FDIC’s Fintech: A Bridge to Economic Inclusion conference. Topics explored will include enhancing inclusive consumer banking through fintech, deploying technology to drive credit access to small businesses, and exploring opportunities for technology to drive inclusion going forward. 

For his part, Numerated CEO Dan O’Malley will be joined by Dominik Mjartan (Optus Bank), David Reiling (Sunrise Banks), and Melissa Koide (FinRegLab) for a 45-minute discussion on Using Technology to Improve Small Business Access to Credit. Panelists will offer their unique perspectives on how technology can be deployed to better meet the needs of small businesses, including minority- and women-owned businesses, drawing from key themes and lessons that have emerged throughout the course of 2020. 

To join this panel discussion on 6/29 at 2:50pm ET, and for more information on the FDIC’s 2021 conference, visit the conference agenda and register here.

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