Lending Has Fundamentally Changed

Banks face increased competition from large financial institutions, and digital-first consumers expect products that offer convenience, transparency and speed. The key to banks winning business customers in this new lending environment? Real-time lending.

Technology Enabling Real-Time Lending

Intelligent automation and data science are the backbone technology of features enabling real-time lending for banks

Credit Policy Digitization


Dynamic Credit Decisioning


Risk-Based Pricing


Simple Online Application


Instant Account Funding

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Benefits of Real-Time Lending for Banks

From generating greater profitability to attracting new customers for ongoing growth, the benefits of real-time lending for banks are strategic and compelling across the business and stakeholders.

• Transform small business lending into a growth driver

With traditional lending, the same resources and costs are required to close a $50K loan as a $500K loan. Real-time lending both removes costs and increases pricing, transforming small business lending into a lucrative growth driver. 

• Power operational efficiency and profitability

Manual lending takes weeks of inefficient and costly front- and back-office resources. Real-time lending executes credit policies in minutes—all without sacrificing a bank’s credit standards. In addition, banks using real-time lending have proven they can increase pricing based on the convenience it offers to customers.

• Offer a digital-first customer experience

Digital access is now table-stakes for banks, and on-demand services are transforming every aspect of business and consumer life. Real-time lending allows businesses to secure financing online anywhere, anytime.

• Attract a new generation of customers

Millennials and GenX, the largest lifetime value segments for banks, grew up with the Internet and increasingly expect services on-demand. Real-time lending attracts these business owners, establishing a foundation as long-term customers.

• Control credit decisioning across the portfolio

Real-time lending ensures uniform credit decisioning without inconsistency or subjectivity, all while providing credit officers the flexibility to price by segment and make changes in shifting economic environments.

• Empower bankers to go omnichannel

Real-time lending powers more than just online applications. From in-branch and over-the-phone conversations to remote visits, bankers can walk businesses through the online application process to speed loan funding to minutes.

• Differentiate in a crowded market of financing options

Business lending has become increasingly crowded with alternative financing options. Local banks can offer defensible differentiation by coupling advantages in their community relationships and high satisfaction scores with real-time lending’s convenience.

The Impact of Real-Time Lending

Learn how Eastern Bank, the oldest and largest mutually owned bank in the U.S., achieved 4X portfolio growth and 2X increase in interest rates with real-time lending:


"[We presented] our small business customers with the opportunity to obtain a loan of up to $100,000 in as little as five minutes from application to funding—completely digitally—representing the easiest, fastest, and most transparent borrowing experience offered by any bank in the United States."

- Eastern Bank Annual Report

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