Join thousands of business bankers supercharging how they source deals

Do your bankers know the 20% of businesses in their markets that are eligible for credit? Or the 17% of bank customers that are borrowing from competitors and alternative lenders? Bankers using Numerated's sales and marketing tools do.

Know every business that is eligible for your bank's credit products using credit pre-screening
Find customers with treasury, loans, and more with competitors using artificial intelligence
Create qualified lists for campaigns by location, industry, product eligibility, and more

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A competitive advantage for bankers to grow quality relationships, faster

Identify Lendable Businesses

Pre-score every business in your market for your bank's credit products, and arm bankers with an easy-to-use search engine to source qualified leads

Find Cross-Sales Opportunities 

Quickly identify customers with treasury, loans and more at competitors and alt-lenders with data science that analyzes billions of customer transactions

Unlock Value Immediately

Be in market in weeks with limited IT resources and a competitive advantage that fuels banker productivity and better customer conversations

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Supercharge how bankers grow relationships with existing and new customers

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Reimagine Lending

"With Numerated, we're more than just bankers—we're data-driven bankers. Every morning we wake up to a set of pre-qualified businesses to proactively reach out to."

- Kurt Raicevich, SVP, Head of Retail Banking