Reduce the work required for SBA loans
by over 75%

The SBA's lending programs reduce the risk for financial institutions lending to businesses through government guarantees, but is oftentimes very complex and costly for banks and credit unions to administer and process. SBA loans are notoriously paper-heavy, and requires financial institutions to follow a compliance-centric process and asks businesses to navigate a complex application.

We simplify the end-to-end process for lenders and applicants.



Industry-Leading SBA Lending Experiences

SBA 7(a) Standard

Efficiently serve your

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SBA 7(a) Small

Remove barriers to entry for your borrowers

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SBA 7(a) Express

Take 75% of the work out of SBA Express lending 

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Partner With the #1 Platform for SBA Lending

See how the Numerated platform originates 10% of all SBA 7(a) loans

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