A collateralized digital lending experience for large dollar term loans and lines of credit

Numerated’s digital lending platform dramatically reduces the time and work required to process loans and lines of credit secured by specific collateral with a feature-set that maximizes lending efficiency and improves the customer experience. Ideal for working capital lines of credit and equipment & vehicle term loans.

Numerated’s new secured lending capabilities allow financial institutions to further consolidate systems and teams around a single platform for end-to-end business lending.

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Secured Lending Challenges

To mitigate risk when originating larger business loans and lines of credit, lenders collect and review more financial documents and ensure they have a lien on specific assets in the event the borrower defaults. This process is time consuming for lenders and inconvenient for borrowers, requiring document and data collection, collateral analysis, and back-and-forth between the lender and borrower. There's a better way.


Take the Work Out of Secured Lending

Increase application completion rates with an intuitive, guided digital experience

Originate business loans and lines of credit secured by specific assets, including support for all business asset liens



Accelerate time-to-value with pre-built digital applications and execution-ready document packages
Speed decisions by automating spreading, collateral analysis, debt service coverage ratios, UCC doc generation, and more

Secured Lending Made Easy

Maximize lending

Automate debt service coverage ratio calculations and working capital asset analysis to provide insights on sources of repayment

Offer the best business lending experience

Reduce abandonment with guided applications, automated email communication, and 
fully-digital closings

Consolidate systems
and teams

Unify teams around a single platform to digitally originate business lending products from end-to-end

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“Numerated’s platform has enabled Banc of California to enhance relationships with small business clients by providing an automated solution that streamlines the credit process. We are excited to offer equipment lending for small businesses by leveraging Numerated’s new collateral capabilities.”

- John Sotoodeh, Chief Operating Officer

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