How 10 Banks Are Celebrating Small Businesses Month in 2021

Sal Trifilio

Sal Trifilio

May 24, 2021


Whether you celebrate for a week, like the Small Business Administration, or for the whole month, May is the time of year when we turn the spotlight on the nation’s small businesses and recognize them for all they do in our communities.

According to the SBA, there are 32.5 million such businesses nationally, which Fundera says create roughly 1.5 million jobs annually and account for 64 percent of new jobs created in the United States.

This past year has certainly underscored the importance of strong partnerships between small businesses and their financial institutions. But with social distancing measures just starting to lift, few were able to organize the in-person celebrations and events with their local businesses that usually punctuate this month.

That said, there’s no short supply of banks and credit unions celebrating their small businesses digitally, and we wanted to highlight these institutions here!

  • Fifth Third Bank: Giving back to their communities is in Fifth Third Bank’s DNA. Back in 1948, they became the first financial institution in the United States to establish a charitable organization, reinvesting billions back into the communities they serve.

    This month, Fifth Third Bank is celebrating by highlighting businesses they’ve helped save during the pandemic, startups they’ve helped get off the ground, and every small business they’ve helped in between. You can watch their customers’ stories, here.

  • First Federal Lakewood: As the largest independent, depositor-owned bank headquartered in Ohio, First Federal Lakewood is best known for how they reinvest deposit dollars locally, supporting over 150 community organizations to date.

    During National Small Business Month, First Federal Lakewood pulled out all the stops, publishing a web series for small businesses with valuable tips from local experts. Topics in the web series include critical leadership abilities for business growth, digital marketing tools and tactics, and the importance of cash flow.

    You can watch all of First Federal Lakewood’s Business Boost series, here.

  • Ameris Bank: Banking is an age-old industry, but Ameris Bank is determined not to get stuck in past ways. The bank serves customers through the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic and prides itself on a bold vision committed to breaking through tradition to get things done, right.

    This means going beyond the typical, providing their customers with insight, advice, resources and more to make their financial dreams a reality. For small business month they highlighted the importance of small businesses in their communities and to the nation as a whole, and went a step further in providing resources for these orgs on cybersecurity and on social media marketing.

  • Provident Bank: Serving local businesses for generations, Provident Bank is well known in their communities for their mix of innovative services, social impact, and their ability to build trusted partnerships.

    For National Small Business Month, Provident Bank is asking local businesses to come on down to the branch to take advantage of a number of promotions, covering everything from free payroll processing to rebates on merchant services.

  • First Bank: Located in the Garden State, First Bank isn’t just a financial partner for their New Jersey communities, they’re a thought leader too.

    With an extensive community blog, First Bank didn’t miss an opportunity to keep their readers up to date on this month’s celebration of small businesses. Read their blog highlighting small businesses and how you can best support them, here.

  • Bremer Bank: Founded on the belief that if banks helped businesses in good times and bad, communities would thrive, Bremer Bank has been a cornerstone for their community businesses since 1943. They also love to engage their customers on social media!

    This Small Business Month, Bremer has pulled together a number of posts highlighting current customers, minority owned businesses, the importance of cyber security for small businesses, and more.

  • Bank of Tennessee: A locally owned and operated community bank, Bank of Tennessee--along with their divisions, Carter County Bank and Mountain Community Bank--is an institution focused on improving the financial health and well-being of their customers and communities.

    It should come as no surprise that this month, they’re celebrating small businesses with a reminder to shop local and support the businesses that account for two out of every three new jobs, annually.

  • Seacoast Bank: You might remember Seacoast Bank from our webinar with their all-women PPP leadership team, but those in the Sunshine State know them as a trusted financial partner since the 1920s.

    With in-person engagement still a bit curtailed, Seacoast decided to look for ways to engage their community on social media for Small Business Month. Their post highlighting local organizations asked followers to tag their favorite small business in their post.

  • Bank of Marin: Serving the San Francisco Bay Area, Bank of Marin pins its institution’s philosophy on the core values of relationships, community commitment, and disciplined banking fundamentals.

    This month they’re encouraging their communities to shop local as a way of celebrating the small businesses they serve.

  • CapStar Bank: As the Great Recession gained momentum back in 2008, CapStar Bank was opening its doors to businesses seeking an authentic and discreet relationship with experienced bankers. Their bread and butter is commercial banking, so Small Business Month is right in their wheelhouse.

    After helping hundreds of businesses through the Paycheck Protection Program, CapStar is reiterating their support for local businesses this month by extending a helpful hand on other government-backed loans.

Is your bank or credit union celebrating Small Business Month? Let us know how by dropping us a line at and we’ll add you to our post!

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