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Patriot Financial Partners’ Kirk Wycoff: Efficiency Gains Through Technology Will Decide ‘Winners and Losers’ in Banking

by Sal Trifilio on September 24, 2020

Accelerating Tech Adoption: Bank Director VP to Talk 2020 Industry Survey Results During Sep. 29 Webinar

by Sal Trifilio on September 23, 2020

At this point in 2020, it’s hard to find an American industry that hasn’t been disrupted by COVID-19.

Sep. 22 Fireside Chat: Patriot Financial’s Kirk Wycoff Talks Capital Markets’ Influence on Banking Strategy for 2021

by Sal Trifilio on September 17, 2020

As Q4 approaches, banks and credit unions will need to perform a balancing act: continue to support their customers Paycheck Protection Program...

Why Bangor Savings Bank Went from Manual PPP Loan Originations to Automated PPP Forgiveness

by Sal Trifilio on September 16, 2020

Bangor Savings Bank is a $5.5B financial institution located in the small New England city of Bangor, Maine. With 59 branches across their...

Join Our Sep. 15 Fireside Chat with Bangor Savings Bank’s Chief Commercial Officer Jim Donnelly on PPP Forgiveness

by Sal Trifilio on September 10, 2020

“If it matters to you, it matters to us.”