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Numerated Is All In on Flattening The Curve

by Sal Trifilio on March 16, 2020

Numerated is a tight-knit technology startup located in the heart of Downtown Boston.

Cornerstone: Deposit Growth, Customer Experience, and Efficiency Are Financial Institutions' Top Priorities for 2020

by Sal Trifilio on March 10, 2020

As March rolls on and we slowly creep towards Spring, banks and credit unions are starting to hit full stride and making real progress on the...

What to Expect at ICBA Live 2020

by Sal Trifilio on February 27, 2020

For some community banks, 2019 was a year to remember.

Introducing Our Expanded Platform for Business Banking Products

by Sal Trifilio on February 20, 2020

Put yourself into the shoes of one of your business banking customers.

Montecito Bank & Trust To Talk Technology and Community Banking with Numerated at WBA 2020

by Sal Trifilio on February 06, 2020

Banking is not what it used to be.

How Banks Drive Growth Through Effective Prospecting

by Sal Trifilio on January 08, 2020

If it feels like it’s become more difficult for your bank to grow, you’re not alone.

Numerated and First Mutual Holding Co. to Speak at Bank Director’s Annual Conference on How Community Banks Are Prioritizing Technology

by Sal Trifilio on January 03, 2020

We’re looking forward to joining Bank Director at their annual conference, Acquire or Be Acquired, at the end of this month. If you’re a Director...

Numerated and MidFirst Bank on Creating a Competitive Advantage in Business Banking

by Sal Trifilio on December 13, 2019

As traditional bank growth models fail, consumer expectations evolve, and new competitors enter the fold, community and regional banks are finding...