Whether a Mudslide or Pandemic, Montecito Shows the Power of Digital Lending for Community Banks

Sal Trifilio

Sal Trifilio

December 14, 2020


Montecito Bank & Trust is a $1.9 billion-asset community bank with about 14 branches across Santa Barbara and Ventura counties in California. As the oldest and largest locally-owned and managed community bank on the Central Coast of the Golden State, Montecito is a cornerstone of the communities they serve--a truism even before COVID reached American shores.

During the Pandemic, Montecito was a leader in Paycheck Protection Program lending for their communities, and their success was largely driven by their adoption of the Numerated platform.

In a recent interview with American Banker, Montecito President and Chief Operating Officer George Leis sat down with Tech Reporter Miriam Cross to discuss the adoption of the platform--a story that dates back to January, 2018, and a series of wildfires that resulted in a mudslide in their community.

In his interview with Miriam, George explains the eye-opening experience he had with a local coffee shop owner and how it led him to believe Montecito needed to make lending easier for their customers. George also discussed how this experience led to their adoption of the Numerated platform and how that pivotal decision put the bank in an advantageous position when PPP was announced.

Read the story about how a mudslide prepared Montecito Bank & Trust to handle the pandemic, in American Banker, today.

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