Numerated Is All In on Flattening The Curve

Sal Trifilio

Sal Trifilio

March 16, 2020

Numerated is a tight-knit technology startup located in the heart of Downtown Boston.

As a company that’s committed to helping banks and credit unions more easily work with the small businesses that fuel our economy, we typically talk with bank leaders about how they can provide more convenient customer experiences through digital channels. But, with the current pandemic unfolding across the globe, and increasing measures of social distancing being put into effect, the need for this technology has taken on an entirely new meaning.

On a particularly busy day in the office, you might see anywhere from 30-50 Numerators buzzing around our various conference rooms and throughout the open office. But if you try to swing by for a quick visit in the next two weeks, you won’t find anything except for this sign (and maybe a few packages awaiting our return).

A sign hangs in the front door of Numerated's Headquarters, alerting visitors that the company will be working from home during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

As a member of one of the communities currently being hit hardest by the Covid-19 pandemic, we are doing what we can to help flatten the curve and I wanted to take a quick moment to share what this experience has been like as a Numerator.

Why We Decided to Take Our Startup Remote

For those currently following the coverage of the Pandemic, you’re probably familiar with the following graph.

The number one protective measure that we can take today—individually, as a company, and as a community—is social distancing. This helps by ensuring that those of us outside of the riskiest demographics (who may be asymptomatic) aren’t unknowingly spreading the disease to the most vulnerable among us.

Over the last two weeks, our leadership team has followed the news on Covid-19 closely, we’ve made sure to source our information from credible resources such as the CDC and local government channels, and we’ve taken into account every one of our Numerators bests interests.

With a prolonged period of social distancing ahead of us, it’s important to remember that if we can’t keep our teams at full capacity, then we can’t continue to help banks and credit unions stand up the digital presences which allow them to play a critical role during this pandemic: ensuring capital is flowing to businesses as they weather this economic storm.

It’s with this in mind that, even with an average age that is far below the at-risk demographic, Numerated has made the decision to move our entire startup to remote status for the next two weeks.

Getting a Whole Company to WFH in 24HRs

Whether you’re near a hotspot, or your community hasn’t seen a single case of Covid-19, we’re all collectively anxious and worried about what's to come. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed at times like these, especially when information is scarce.

Luckily for us at Numerated, our leadership team stepped in to fill the void with clear guidance and support.

They say we spend more time at work than with our family and friends, but at Numerated I’ve always felt at home. Which is why it meant so much to see our leadership team treat this decision as if they were making it for their own families. It’s a decision that won’t just keep my fellow Numerators safe, it will keep our families safe, our customers safe, and their families safe as well.

On Wednesday, Dan (our CEO) and the rest of our leadership team made the decision to not waste any time and immediately stress tested whether working from home for our entire company was feasible. And, the second it was clear on Thursday that we would, in fact, be able to make this work, a policy was quickly implemented to mandate we work from home for the next two weeks.

Ever wonder what it looks like to have an all-hands meeting, when all hands are remote?

The entire Numerated company participates in an all-hands meeting, remotely, using video chat in an effort to practice social distancing.

Closing Thoughts

As a company, as a community, as a country, we’re facing an unprecedented challenge with Covid-19. I’m thankful to all those, inside our company and outside of it, who are taking steps to ensure we do everything we can to flatten the curve.

As we all make this adjustment, there will be hiccups, and disruption, and a few funny stories along the way. But if there’s one thing I’m certain of, it’s that when we come together as a community—as we have at Numerated—we can feel hopeful and confident about coming out of this on the other end. Perhaps even stronger than we were before.

If you’re reading this, know that we understand the small, but critically important part we play in helping regional and community financial institutions serve their customers, even when they can’t be there physically. Our entire team is here, however remotely, and ready to continue the hard work we’ve been doing for banks and credit unions. We hope you and everyone in your family, work or otherwise, stays safe and that we all continue to work together to flatten the curve.

We’re all in!

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