Webinar Highlights: Digital Underwriting

Emma Schoth

Emma Schoth

October 20, 2022


Earlier this month, we hosted a webinar featuring key enhancements to our digital underwriting solution that enable lenders to experience lightning-fast underwriting. 

We’ve gathered the highlights from the session and created four short video clips to share how Numerated can accelerate your underwriting and increase efficiency by up to 90 percent. 

Digital Underwriting Webinar Highlights

Top Challenges in Traditional Underwriting 
Legacy underwriting processes for small business loans are time consuming and tedious for lenders. Additionally, these processes are prone to error due to manual data entry. Not only does this impact the lender’s ability to efficiently underwrite, but it also increases the amount of time until loan funding for the borrower. 

Lenders leveraging the Numerated platform can easily overcome challenges in legacy processes with an underwriting solution that can process years of financial documents in just minutes.

In this webinar clip, our product leaders share the frustrations that lenders have from using legacy processes and how Numerated can help. 


Expand Your Business Lending Without Investing More Resources
Inefficiencies of traditional underwriting processes directly impact the profitability and scalability of the small business segment. As legacy lenders continue to expand their small business lending, they will constantly need to add additional resources to keep up with their underwriting needs and serve more customers, leading to a decrease the profitability of the segment as a whole. 

With Numerated, lenders can easily and efficiently grow without the need to hire additional employees. The platform removes the manual portions of the process enabling financial institutions to spend more time building valuable relationships with their customers.

In this webinar clip, Numerated product leaders explain how lenders using Numerated have been able to process four times as many loans without using any additional resources. 

Product Update: Credit Memos
Numerated now offers highly-customizable credit memos, so lenders can automatically populate their existing credit memo templates. This addition to our Digital Underwriting solution will save lenders time and eliminate the rekeying of data from one platform to another. 

In this webinar clip, Kevin Wall shares how Numerated’s credit memos are further simplifying the underwriting process for banks and credit unions. 

Product Update: Global Cash Flow
Numerated's global cash flow feature enables lenders to determine the creditworthiness of both the businesses and personal guarantors, providing a holistic view of the borrower’s financial position before making a lending decision. 

In this webinar clip Shivani Shrestha shares how lenders can utilize Numerated’s new global cash flow solution. 


For a more in–depth look at Numerated’s Digital Underwriting solution, you can watch the full recording of our Oct. 4 webinar, including a demo of the solution, here.

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