Discussing Technology’s Role in the Future of Community Banking at ABA ‘19

Sal Trifilio

Sal Trifilio

October 15, 2019


No one knows for sure what the future holds, but bank leaders looking for a glimpse will be heading to the American Bankers Association’s Annual Convention in Seattle, WA later this month.

The ABA Annual Convention is a yearly gathering of bank leaders from across the industry spectrum. Financial institutions of every shape and size will be in attendance to discuss current and emerging trends with the goal of strengthening the industry for the future.

This year’s Convention will include a number of talks and knowledge sessions that are squarely aimed at confronting the rapid evolution of banking brought on by changing consumer demands and an increasingly digital world.

In that vein, Montecito Bank & Trusts President and COO George Leis will join our CEO Dan O’Malley for a fireside chat during the Tuesday morning Power Hour Breakfast Session. Their moderated conversation will specifically focus on the role technology will play in helping community banks continue to grow into the future.

The session will draw heavily upon Montecito’s experience with adapting to these changes as the oldest and largest locally-owned community bank on the Central Coast of California, that has racked up 18 Best Bank Awards in the last seven years. Likewise, Dan will share his insights from talks he has with bank executives who are working through similar evolutions inside their institutions across the country.

The fireside chat will focus on three main areas of discussion:

  • The Changing Banking Landscape: Community banks aren’t just facing the traditional competition they’ve grown accustomed to in their immediate footprint. Rather, today’s community banks are competing with an increasingly diverse universe of big tech companies, alternative lenders, digital-first challenger banks and the like. Here, George and Dan will be asked about their personal experiences living inside of this changing ecosystem.
  • The Need For—And Prioritization Of—Bank Tech Investments: Alongside new competition is a changing consumer mindset that demands digital, speed, and convenience. Forward-looking banks like Montecito are hyperfocused on this, but need to proceed with the same conservative mindset they bring to every other part of their financial institution. George and Dan will be asked about how banks identify tech needs and what kinds of factors they consider before making an investment.
  • Growing the Community Bank of the Future: Central to this fireside chat, of course, is a look toward the future and how community banks will be able to survive and grow in the years ahead. Questions here will focus on Montecito’s efforts in that respect, will touch on their recent partnership with Numerated, and will highlight how they’re now better positioned to address specific problems their customers didn’t think they could.

“Technology’s Role in Growing the Community Bank of the Future” is a fireside chat between Numerated CEO Dan O’Malley and Montecito Bank & Trust President and COO George Leis. You can join the session on Tuesday, Oct. 29 from 7:00-7:50 AM as a part of the Power Hour Breakfast Sessions.

For more information on the ABA Annual Convention, and to register for the event, visit their website here.

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