Breaking Banks Podcast: The Digital vs Relationship Balancing Act

Sal Trifilio

Sal Trifilio

April 08, 2019

Our CEO Dan O’Malley recently joined the host of the Breaking Banks Fintech podcast, Jason Henricks, along with fellow guest, Numerated investor, and advisor Karen Mills, to talk small business lending, digital transformation, and the future of relationship banking.

While the episode is split between a discussion around Karen’s new book, Fintech, Small Business & The American Dream, and a discussion with Dan around our success, the hour-long episode was underlined by the balancing act banks must perform around going digital while still remaining relationship focused.

Leading banks have started to find ways to do just that by incorporating fintech that is focused on the small business segment.

Throughout the podcast, both Mills and O’Malley talk about why the small business segment is more important than ever, why a failure to adopt technology could mean a loss of market share in this space, and the pains banks experience when going through a digital transformation.

However, the episode also includes a number of success stories that do an excellent job of drawing a road map for relationship banks in pursuit of new tools and technology that will allow them to remain competitive in the years ahead.

For your convenience, we’ve embedded this Breaking Banks Fintech podcast at the top of the page, for you to enjoy.


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