What Lenders Need to Know About ‘Automatic’ PPP Forgiveness

by Sal Trifilio on July 17, 2020

Just before the July 4 Congressional recess, Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-ND) worked with a small bipartisan group to introduce a bill that’s caused...

Bank Director: A Technological Reckoning

by Amber Buker, JD on July 15, 2020

Editor's Note: This article was featured in the 3rd Quarter Issue of Bank Director Magazine. It's been republished below with permission.

How the Paycheck Protection Program Prepared Lenders for the (Digital) Future

by Sal Trifilio on July 07, 2020

Senate Twist Means PPP Origination Deadline May Get Extended

by Sal Trifilio on July 01, 2020

Editor's Note: Since the time of writing, the President has signed the bill into law, extending the existing PPP loan application period to August...

After Distributing PPP Relief to 180,000 Small Businesses, A Thank You to the Partners That Made it Possible

by Sal Trifilio on June 30, 2020