Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act Signed: An In-Depth Analysis for Banks and Credit Unions

by Sal Trifilio on June 05, 2020

Congress Passes Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act: A Recap

by Sal Trifilio on June 04, 2020

Last night, on Wednesday June 3, the Senate passed legislation by voice vote that will reform the recently created Paycheck Protection Program.

How PPP Forgiveness Can Quickly Turn Into a Nightmare for Lenders (And How to Avoid It)

by Sal Trifilio on June 03, 2020

Over two rounds of funding, Congress has directed the SBA to disburse nearly $670B to small businesses in the form of fully-guaranteed loans—and...

Impending Paycheck Protection Program Forgiveness Terms & Timing Changes

by Cheryl Kardos on May 29, 2020

Monday, June 1st is a date that has been ingrained in every PPP lender’s minds the last several weeks. This is the date when the PPP loans that...

PPP Forgiveness: Updated SBA Guidance on Timing & Process for Banks and Credit Unions

by Numerated Marketing on May 27, 2020

As banks and credit unions work to disburse the last of the available Paycheck Protection Program funds, the SBA and Treasury Department are...