VIDEO: Talking Paycheck Protection Program with Square Co-Founder Jim McKelvey and FINTOP Capital’s Joe Maxwell

Sal Trifilio

Sal Trifilio

May 06, 2020

What’s it like taking a 55-person company to remote status in just over 24hrs? What’s it like to have every single one of your customers turn to you for help in a time of crisis? What’s it like helping another 60 banks on top of that?

For those following the economic crisis that has resulted from the Covid-19 pandemic and, more importantly, for those that have been keeping a close eye on the Paycheck Protection Program, the above thread probably isn’t too hard to follow.

But what you may not know is that the above narrative isn’t just some generality. In fact, it’s a quick glimpse at what life has been like inside of Numerated during this time of uncertainty.

Recently, we had a chance to reflect on just how crazy these last two months have been in a blog post celebrating Numerated’s third birthday. But what we didn’t really do in that post was pull back the curtain to reveal just how busy our team, and the banks we partner with, have been.

On Friday, April 17, just hours after the first round of PPP funding had run dry, our CEO Dan sat down with Square Co-Founder Jim McKelvey and our investor FINTOP Capital’s Joe Maxwell to provide a candid view into the work Numerated has been up to.

In the video above, Jim interviews Dan on a wide range of topics, mainly focusing in on how we were able to help banks get more than $7.5B in PPP loans to more than 50,000 American small businesses in basically a week’s time, figures that have grown substantially since the time of this interview (expect more from us on those updated numbers, soon).

During their conversation, Jim asks Dan about how the team was able to get it all done, what it was like dealing with an unprecedented surge in demand, and how Numerated was able to develop a fully automated product that had financial institutions of every size knocking on our doors—from the smallest of community institutions to the largest national banks.

Watch the interview in full, above.

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