Webinar Replays: PPP Round 3 Prep and Launch Week Q&A Series

Sal Trifilio

Sal Trifilio

January 22, 2021


Editor's Note: This post was originally published on Jan. 5, 2021. It will be updated and republished daily, with the latest replay from our PPP Round 3 Prep and Launch Week Q&A Series.

This week likely represents the final days before the Small Business Administration relaunches the Paycheck Protection Program for new and Second Draw loans. With immense pressure to reopen it’s likely SBA guidance will be announced and even evolve in the week or so leading up to launch, while lenders are in the midst of preparing their teams for a new round of PPP lending.

Our insights team is here to play a supporting role during this prep and launch week by keeping you informed on the latest SBA guidance and regulations, providing you with Numerated Platform demos of new and updated PPP features, and by hosting daily Q&A sessions.

Join the more than 1,000 lenders that have attended our webinar series by registering once to save your seat for each of the daily Q&As from 1/8 - 1/29, here.

Missed one of our daily sessions? We’ll publish replays of all the webinars to this blog shortly after each session concludes. Check back daily for updates.

Friday, Jan. 22


Highlights: Wrap up launch week with updates on the status of the Paycheck Protection Program, important platform optimizations, weekend support schedules, and our daily Q&A with lenders.


Thursday, Jan. 21


Highlights: Get a breakdown of the full Paycheck Protection Program originations funnel, an update on platform optimizations, and a live Q&A with lenders.


Wednesday, Jan. 20


Highlights: Get updates on the Paycheck Protection Program, newly released PPP Forgiveness apps, and SBA validation enhancements, as well as our daily lender Q&A.


Tuesday, Jan. 19


Highlights: Get important reminders and updates on the Paycheck Protection Program and the Numerated platform as PPP reopens for all lenders this week.


Monday, Jan. 18


Highlights: Hear some important updates on the new round of PPP, recent SBA guidance for First Draw loans, insights on loan submission errors, and a live Q&A with lenders.


Sunday, Jan. 17


Highlights: Get an update on the first full week of PPP reopening, insights on platform optimizations, and some important reminders for lenders, in addition to our daily Q&A.


Saturday, Jan. 16


Highlights: Get updates on SBA PPP loan approvals, platform report timing, and data upload troubleshooting, as well as our daily Q&A session with lenders.


Friday, Jan. 15


Highlights: Get an update on lender training schedules, preview the new Funds Disbursement Form, hear about changes to data upload, and listen to our insights team field lender questions.


Thursday, Jan. 14


Highlights: Get critical updates on the latest Interim Final Rule, on timing for when lenders can start submitting PPP loan apps to the SBA, and on new support channels for lenders using the Numerated platform.


Wednesday, Jan. 13


Highlights: Get updates on PPP Originations and Forgiveness benchmarking data, a demonstration of the PPP lender review process, and a live Q&A sessions with lenders and our insights team.


Tuesday, Jan. 12


Highlights: Hear a quick update on Forgiveness benchmark data, learn how lenders are preforming as PPP reopens, get important product and resource updates, and listen to a live lender Q&A with our insights team.


Monday, Jan. 11


Highlights: Get a status update on the first day of the new round of PPP, important platform updates and reminders for lenders, a demonstration of the borrower self-service function, and a live Q&A with lenders.


Sunday, Jan. 10


Highlights: Get an overall update on tomorrow's PPP reopening, an hour-by-hour breakdown of our launch timeline, a review of the lender checklist, and a live Q&A.


Saturday, Jan. 9


Highlights: Get an important update on launch timing, details on the new PPP borrower and lender forms, key reminders on SBA Platform set-up, and a live Q&A with lenders.


Friday, Jan. 8


Highlights: Get an official update on PPP timelines, see a detailed walk through of new data upload functionality, and hear our insights team answer a host of lender questions.


Thursday, Jan. 7


Highlights: Get a breakdown of the Jan. 6 Interim Final Rules, a side-by-side comparison of First and Second Draw loans, and listen to lenders' questions on the new IFRs.

Wednesday, Jan. 6


Highlights: Hear about the latest updates we've gotten from the SBA on PPP, get a detailed walkthrough of our PPP solution and workflow, and listen in on a live Q&A session with lenders.


Tuesday, Jan. 5



Highlights: Get an update on PPP relaunch timing, learn about major changes coming to the SBA platform, take a look at what's in lenders' UAT testing environment, and get next steps to properly prepare for the new originations.

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